Smelling the GSoC Adventure

I seem to be finally able to afford more time to work for SymPy every day, so I am hastily working through a simulacrum of a community bonding period.  The official coding period has already begun, but I have afforded for a week of delay with my own start in the proposal.  I am currently working on fixing a couple important issues with re, im, and their interaction with as_real_imag() functions (Pull Request 1304).

The good news pertaining to my own project is that we seem to have settled on a name for the module which I am going to add: categories.  I am very enthusiastic about starting my work on it; this event is going to happen within a day or two, and that’s very cool 🙂


2 responses to “Smelling the GSoC Adventure

  1. I see you wrote your required weekly blog post without me even reminding you :-). It’s good to hear you are finding time to start the project, I’m looking forward to see your first code! Can you please send me an email with the branch name once you start coding?

    • Yeah, I’m trying to be disciplined 😀

      I will definitely tell you the name of the branch; it’s going to happen later in the day.

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